Sunday, 21 July 2013

At last an update from me

It's been that long since I updated this I, ve forgot what what I've read

My list so far
1.  The stupidest angel. By Christopher Moore
2.  Meet me at the cupcake cafe.  By. Jenny Colgan
3.  Christmas in the cupcake cafe 
4.  The 100 year old man who ----  by . Jonas Jonason
5.  Birmingham rose. By. Anie murthy
6.  Wolf hall.  By Hilary mantel
7.  The woman who went to bed for a year.  Sue Townsend
8.  The life of pi .   By yarn 
9.  Rachel's holiday. By Marion keys 
10. The Kafenion . By Victoria Hislop
11. Anne of green gables . By 
12. The secret scriptures.  By 

Sorry I haven't completed this list by putting the authors names in , but google is playing up on my phone and if I save this , to edit later I' ll never get it published 

I really will have to pick up a book , I' ve gone far too long without reading one 

I finally got to spend my book token , which steph was so kind to send us all one 
I deliberated on which to buy , but after seeing steph's review of the mollie makes book Feathered Friends, and when I popped into waterstones, just to have a look , it jumped out on me from the
 shelf, a bargain , I highly recommend it , so Thankyou again steph 

I' ll try not to leve it so long next time 


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  1. Brilliant Joan! That Mollie Makes book is a really good one. I am glad you got to use the token for it ^_^ You've read lots too! I'm not sure where I am at now! I need to do an update! I am a bit of a bad leader!! ^_^ XOX