Thursday, 16 May 2013

I'm still here just very behind!!!

At last an update from me. I'm fairly sure I've read more than just two as I took a small paperback on holiday -probably a Ruth Rendell and  I've no idea which one and I've been through my book stack and nothing else is jumping out as recently read.

Now I know I've read Murder in the Museum that Steph kindly sent to me. It took a bit of getting going, but it was a very good story once it found some pace. It is part of a series called the Fethering Mysyeries so I will look out for other books by the author too. I've also read a Jill Mansell novel - Nadia Knows best. I read that because sometimes you just need something thats a bit of light reading and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I've read a fair few by Jill Mansell and always enjoyed them.

  1. The Inside Track Jake Humphrey - finished 15.11.12
  2. Daphne - M.C Beaton -03.12.12
  3. Diana - M.C Beaton - finished 18.12.12
  4. Frederica - M.C Beaton - finished 27.12.12
  5. Gently through the mill - Alan Hunter- Finished 25.01.13
  6. Death of an Addict - M.C Beaton - Finished 12.02.13
  7. Is it just me? - Miranda Hart - Finished 18.02.13
  8. Agatha Raisin and the Deadly Dance - MC Beaton - Finished 22.02.13
  9. From Doon with Death - Ruth Rendell - Finished 26.02.13
  10. Crazy in love - Chrissy Manby - Finished 03.03.13
  11. The Best man to die - Ruth Rendell - Finished 13.03.13
  12. Agatha Raisin and the Christmas Crumble/Hells Bells - MC Beaton - Finished 14.03.13
  13. The Thirty Nine Steps - John Buchan - finished 20.03.13
  14. Murder in the museum - Simon Brett - 08.05.13
  15. Nadia Knows best - Jill Mansell - 11.05.13
So that's where I'm at. I've got 4 books on the go too - A parenting book, Sense and Sensibility, Another Gill Mansell called Falling for you and also Secret Scripture. Plenty of variety there!

Happy reading


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  1. That is a lot of variety ^_^ It can be nice to have a few different ones on the go ^_^
    Happy reading