Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Two more finishes from me!

Hi de Hi fellow readers ^_^

Two more finishes from me! First...

Enchantment. The Life of Audrey Hepburn by Donald Spoto.

I loved this book. For me Audrey Hepburn is a truly beautiful person. This book does discuss her movie career, and the movies of hers that I have seen I have enjoyed, but it is her life outside of movies that I find so inspiring. In her work with Unicef in seems to me she found her purpose. It was something she could understand, something she had experienced, and something she felt deeply as her own childhood had been touched by war, and want, fear, suffering, and pain. She knew the fear of a thing and so later in her life when she had the opportunity to make a difference she chose the thing that was close to her heart and her own understanding and made the greatest difference to many lives. She understood that she could not forever change the world, but she could mend small parts of it and hopefully by her doing that other people would do the same. I think it is a truly beautiful person indeed who can use their own experience, whether good or bad, and put it to good use in helping others in a similar situation. It has been a joy to read of such a beautiful life.
A beautiful thing she said rings so true:
‘My one wish for Christmas would be peace. Peace especially for the children of the world. Only then will the water we provide quench their thirst, the food nourish their bodies, the medicine make them well-and only then will they live to play and learn, and their parents will live to love them’
It took me a while to get through this book, but I have absorbed every word of it. A lovely read.

And second...
The Boy with the Cuckoo-clock heart by Mathias Malzieu.
At first I thought this was a bit odd and quirky! Even too quirky for me!! But as I read more it's actually quite clever. I think it's portraying how someone can be convinced they are a certain way and they can believe it with all of their heart even if it's the most bizarre of notions....or! It might just be a quirky read and mean nothing more than is actually written on the page ^_^ Kinda sweet, kinda odd!

I have now started reading Game of Thrones ^_^


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