Monday, 11 March 2013


Sorry , I haven,t been on here for a while, my last update was 11 jan, two months ago

Here is my update

1.  The Stupidest Angel.       By Christopher Moore
2.  Meet me at the Cupcake Cafe.      By Jenny Colgan
3.  Christmas at the Cupcake Cafe
4.  The 100 year old man etc.    By Jonas Jonason
5.   Birmingham Rose.     By Annie Murray
6.  Wolf Hall.   By Hilary Mantel
7.  The Woman who went to bed for a year.   By Sue Townsend
8.  The Life of Pi .    By Yarn Mantel

After toiling through Wolf Hall, and it was a toil ,, I wanted something simple to read , so The woman who ------- suited that purpose , an enjoyable read more so as it was only £1 from a charity shop ,bargain ,
Another bargain buy , The Life of Pi , or should I say download, 20p on kindle,, I watched the film and it was delightfull, I highly recommend that you see it Laura ,, whichever way you do it , the film or the book first ,each are both very entertaining ,

I,ve just downloaded a freebie , a short story I believe, The Kafenion by Victoria Hislop, on of my favourite authors , so this will be my next read

Isn't Laura steaming ahead , ?  I,m either reading or crocheting ,
Buy for now

Ps has anyone heard from Lucy @ inthesky ,


  1. Hi Joan! Victoria Hislop is a great author, I'm sure you'll enjoy the short story. I'm looking forward to watching the film of Life of Pi, I can't imagine how they'll do it! Well done for getting through Wolf Hall, I couldn't be bothered with it, it was annoying me! The Woman... is on my Amazon wishlist. I haven't heard from Lucy... Laura x

  2. lucy's back and has posted on her blog , nice to see you back lucy

  3. I got Life of Pi to read a while ago now, but have still to get to it. Nice update Joan, enjoy your next read ^_^