Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Death of an addict - MC Beaton

So another finish and I can't believe this one took me 3 weeks, most unlike me to have an MC Beaton on the go that long. Another good Hamish McBeth story, and slightly different to the usual direction the Hamish plots usually take.

I printed off a list of all of MC Beaton's books last night so I could check off what I've read, She's written over 100 books but I think I must have read close to 50 of them if not more.

Not sure what is next on the list, We've got a library visit on Saturday so I may see what I can get and start another George Gently in the mean time. I might take a wander round the local hospice bookshop and see if I can get any new-to-me Beatons or track down Chocolate Girls or another of the Annie Murray books, as I do fancy reading those too.

So the list so far is as follows...

  1. The Inside Track - Jake Humphrey - finished 15.11.12
  2. Daphne - M.C Beaton -03.12.12
  3. Diana - M.C Beaton - finished 18.12.12
  4. Frederica - M.C Beaton - finished 27.12.12
  5. Gently through the mill - Alan Hunter- Finished 25.01.13
  6. Death of an Addict - M.C Beaton - Finished 12.02.13
Happy reading

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