Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Book number 10 ^_^

Another finish ^_^ Not a great read though! I like old books and whenever I go to the second hand book sale I enjoy having a good hunt through for any old looking books. I don't really look to see what they are I just like that they are old. So I was dusting them off the other day when I thought I might read one. So I picked out The Happiness of Hazelbrook. It doesn't say who the author is, but it looks deceivingly pretty and sweet. I didn't like it at all! it's a ghastly moral little tale. I do not like to think that a 12 year could ever be thought of as wicked just because she slacks off for a bit to pick flowers(possibly because this is just the sort of thing I would have done...and might still do!), or that a 16 year girl can have any sins to repent of!! I'm not sure there was much more of a plot to it. But, because I am hideously chipper and like to find an up side! it is old and it does have a pretty cover. Also it has inky finger prints all the way through it which makes me wonder who do they belong to!
Anyhoo, so that makes my list look like this...

1.Dodger by Terry Pratchett.
2. Wings by Aprilynne Pike
3.Paulo Coelho Confessions of a Pilgrim by Juan Arias.
4.Untamed by P.C. and Kristin Cast
5.Merlin. The Prophet and his History by Geoffrey Ashe.
6.Dear Lupin by Roger Mortimer and Charlie Mortimer.
7.Wilkins' Tooth by Diana Wynne Jones.
8.The Skeleton in the Closet by M.C.Beaton.
9.The Life and Times of Miss Jane Marple by Anne Hart
10.The Happiness of Hazelbrook

Out of my first ten books I have been to the sewers of London with Dodger and Dickens, into the realm of faery, had a peep into a very different life, been to Vampire school, off into myth and legend, read the letters of a very loving father, to a funny little tale of a wicked witch, mystery with not half so many murders as I expected, a nosey around St Mary Mead, and a weird little moral maze ^_^
If I could only recommend one of these books it would have to be Dear Lupin.It was a truly brilliant read.

Where will my next ten reads take me? ^_^


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