Friday, 11 January 2013


Just finished reading

Another strange book, it is amazing the things this man gets up, and the people he meets  , before he gets to the age of 100 that is
I,m hopeless at writing a review,much easier to go over to amazon and read other peoples reviews which is what I have just done and one said it owes a lot to forrest gump and how true I thought that is
anyway this is my update
no 1   The stupidest angel
no2    Meet me at the cupcake cafe
no 3   Christmas at the cupcake cafe
no4    The 100 year old man
no5    Birmingham rose by annie murray
just finished reading Birmingham Rose, many thanks to Lucy (inthesky) for sending me this copy,
a delightfull read, especially after The 100 Year old man
Lucy has arranged a Tea Swap, great idea and I will be forwarding this book on with some tea bags,
only problem is who do I send it to, Any suggestions ???????????


  1. Hearing lots of good things about this one Joan, I'm hoping my mam will finish her copy soon so that I can read it.

  2. PS. Be sure to let me know what you thought of The Stupidest Angel.