Friday, 28 December 2012

Where I'm at...

Hi Everyone,

Firstly thanks for the invite Steph, naughty hotmail had put it in the junk emails so only just found it.

So here's my progress up to now.

  1. The Inside Track - Jake Humphrey - finished 15.11.12
  2. Daphne - M.C Beaton -03.12.12
  3. Diana - M.C Beaton - finished 18.12.12
  4. Frederica - M.C Beaton - finished 27.12.12
I love M.C Beaton and I've read a good 30 or more of her books, Daphne, Diana and Frederica were all from her Six Sisters series and I finished Frederica last night. They weren't mystery books like Agatha Raisin or Hamish McBeth but were more historical romances. I've loved them all and I think I'll be moving on to another series of her books soon as my Mum gave me another bagful of them. I'm going to read a few Alan Hunter's next, He's the author behind George Gently - which has been a BBC TV series recently. I've read a few of his before so I'm familiar with his writing style.

I only had what I call coffee table books for Christmas so I won't count them, even though I've read both already - they were the 2012 Formula One yearbook and an Encyclopedia of Formula One.

Happy Reading :-)

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  1. I'm glad you found the invite ^_^ You can include coffee table books if you like! It's all good ^_^