Sunday, 16 December 2012

Steph's 50 Book Challenge update.

Technically not really an update as I have not got another book to add to my list yet, but thought I should get the ball rolling ^_^

Here's is my 50 Book Challenge list so far.

1.Dodger by Terry Pratchett.
2. Wings by Aprilynne Pike
3.Paulo Coelho Confessions of a Pilgrim by Juan Arias.

I am nearing the end of another book, Untamed by P.C and Kristin Cast, am a few chapters into one about Merlin (which I need to get a move on with as it has to go back to the library soon!), quarter of the way through Wilkin's Tooth, and have started A Christmas Carol ( my festive read each year) ! Because why read one book when you can read four right!! lol.

If anyone has stumbled upon this blog and would like to join in the challenge, then please do. ^_^



  1. I thought I was bad with three books on the go! lol x

  2. how can you do that ,, I'd get the stories mixed up, and crocheting at the same time , no way hose lol ,

  3. oh well done Steph, I sometimes start one and will put it down to start another when I go back to it I usually have to skim up to where I had read as I forget so easily!