Saturday, 29 December 2012

Chocolate Girls - My list is slowly growing

The cover says it all really, in a nutshell.  'A Saga of Love, war and Chocolate'.  Since reading Charlie and The Chocolate Factory as a child I have always had a bit of a thing for Chocolate Factories.  I do not live too far from the Cadbury Factory that this book is about.  I had friends as a kid whose father's worked at Cadbury's and I envied them their large bags of 'Misshapes'.  I have had family who lived even closer to Bournville, the Quaker built village that houses the factory.  Historically it is fascinating.  Cadbury's really shaped the area socially and economically.  You were very lucky to land a job at Cadbury's because of all the social, health, education and leisure perks the company believed were important.  They were very forward thinking in their approach to their workforce and I wish many companies today took such responsibility for their employees today.  I am really enjoying Annie Murray and her 'Birmingham' stories at the moment.  My son and his friend were in Birmingham yesterday shopping.  It makes me appreciate the city and history even brings the history alive for me.  I do not travel into Birmingham very often and when I do it is by train.  We pass the Chocolate Factory with it's neat, unchanged lawns.  I feel a visit coming on soon.  If ever you get a chance to visit Cadbury World it does make an interesting, fun day out...and yes, you can of course stock up on chocolate.

1) A Street Cat Named Bob by James Bowen
2) Birmingham Rose by Annie Murray
3) Chocolate Girls by Annie Murray

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  1. I must look these out as I'm married to a Brummie and we often take walks through Bourneville when visiting the in laws, I really like books when you know the places they are writing about