Saturday, 29 December 2012

Chocolate Girls - My list is slowly growing

The cover says it all really, in a nutshell.  'A Saga of Love, war and Chocolate'.  Since reading Charlie and The Chocolate Factory as a child I have always had a bit of a thing for Chocolate Factories.  I do not live too far from the Cadbury Factory that this book is about.  I had friends as a kid whose father's worked at Cadbury's and I envied them their large bags of 'Misshapes'.  I have had family who lived even closer to Bournville, the Quaker built village that houses the factory.  Historically it is fascinating.  Cadbury's really shaped the area socially and economically.  You were very lucky to land a job at Cadbury's because of all the social, health, education and leisure perks the company believed were important.  They were very forward thinking in their approach to their workforce and I wish many companies today took such responsibility for their employees today.  I am really enjoying Annie Murray and her 'Birmingham' stories at the moment.  My son and his friend were in Birmingham yesterday shopping.  It makes me appreciate the city and history even brings the history alive for me.  I do not travel into Birmingham very often and when I do it is by train.  We pass the Chocolate Factory with it's neat, unchanged lawns.  I feel a visit coming on soon.  If ever you get a chance to visit Cadbury World it does make an interesting, fun day out...and yes, you can of course stock up on chocolate.

1) A Street Cat Named Bob by James Bowen
2) Birmingham Rose by Annie Murray
3) Chocolate Girls by Annie Murray

Friday, 28 December 2012

The stupidest angel

Just finished this book , what shall I say
On the cover it states A Heart Warming Tale Of Christmas Terror
On the back cover reads
'twas the night ( okay, more like the week ) before Christmas and little Joshua Barker is in desperate need of a Christmas miracle. Josh is sure he saw Santa take a shovel to the head and now the seven year old has only one prayer : Please Santa come back from the dead

I don,t think read a Christopher Moore book before and didn't,t know what to expect, but this wasn't it .
There is an authors warning which says
If you are buying this book as a gift for your grandma or a kid, you should be aware that it contains cuss words as well as tasteful depictions of cannibalism and people in their forties having sex . Don,t blame me, I told you.

I wouldn't call it heart warming, not when you have an angel bringing the dead alive , by granting a child's wish

No 1. The Stupidest Angel. By Christopher Moore

Where I'm at...

Hi Everyone,

Firstly thanks for the invite Steph, naughty hotmail had put it in the junk emails so only just found it.

So here's my progress up to now.

  1. The Inside Track - Jake Humphrey - finished 15.11.12
  2. Daphne - M.C Beaton -03.12.12
  3. Diana - M.C Beaton - finished 18.12.12
  4. Frederica - M.C Beaton - finished 27.12.12
I love M.C Beaton and I've read a good 30 or more of her books, Daphne, Diana and Frederica were all from her Six Sisters series and I finished Frederica last night. They weren't mystery books like Agatha Raisin or Hamish McBeth but were more historical romances. I've loved them all and I think I'll be moving on to another series of her books soon as my Mum gave me another bagful of them. I'm going to read a few Alan Hunter's next, He's the author behind George Gently - which has been a BBC TV series recently. I've read a few of his before so I'm familiar with his writing style.

I only had what I call coffee table books for Christmas so I won't count them, even though I've read both already - they were the 2012 Formula One yearbook and an Encyclopedia of Formula One.

Happy Reading :-)

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Birmingham Rose by Annie Murray

I have only just discovered 'Annie Murray'.  A work mate has lent me a couple of books by this Author.  Annie Murray has written several books based in Birmingham.  Birmingham Rose is about life in the Slums of Birmingham, before during and after the Second World War.  It also deals with the impact the War had upon the City.  I found this a fascinating read and loved it when it mentioned places I know that are close to home.
         So my list Fifty Book Challenge List has got longer:

1) A Street Cat Named Bob by James Bowen
2) Birmingham Rose by Annie Murray

Possibly to achieve 'Fifty Books' I may have to include a couple of my favourite 'Ladybird' books and Mr Men books.  

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Quick 50 Book update

Just a little update to my list ^_^

1.Dodger by Terry Pratchett.
2. Wings by Aprilynne Pike
3.Paulo Coelho Confessions of a Pilgrim by Juan Arias.
4.Untamed by P.C. and Kristin Cast

If you follow me Laura has a big update to share ^_^

Monday, 17 December 2012

Hi all .
Thanks to Steph for starting this new blog and inviting me to contribute,
Not that I've got anything to contribute at the moment though. got a new toy, a mini iPad , so this is where all my time is going at the moment and if this publishes ok it will be a miracle.
I will start a book and give a review on it (though I,m not very good at writing reviews) , and I,ve got a book in mind , it ,s called The Stupidest Angel by Christopher Moore ,appropriate for this time of the year , I read a review on Petty Witter ' s blog and bought it last year , I think I' ve had it long enough to start reading it now.
Well here goes , I' m pressing the publish button now

Sunday, 16 December 2012

First On My List:

I am loving the concept of this 'Blog' and 'The Fifty Book Challenge'.  I really like the idea of sharing my 'reads' with others and reading about what others are reading.  Thanks Steph for starting this, it is a great idea.
            I would be hard pushed to be starting my 'list' with a better book than this.  I found time to finish reading the book this morning and I had a bit of a 'harrumph' moment as I didn't really want it to end.  I could read about Bob and his Dad, James Bowen for days, weeks, months. . . you get the idea.  I really like books that are 'real' life.  This story is extraordinary however I often find the 'best' real life is and you could not make it up.  
           Currently Bob and James are celebrities.  Bob has a Twitter account and a Facebook account, many Youtube videos and together James and Bob have captured the hearts of fans around the globe.  There have been book signings and TV appearances.  The Book is a 'Best Seller' and is is not hard to figure out why.  This book has a real 'Feel good factor' about it.
            James would say he was rescued by Bob.  As a recovering heroin addict, living a precarious life on the streets of London discovering Bob created a companionship for James, a sense of routine and responsibility.  He describes Bob as his 'Baby' and himself as Bob's 'Dad'.  I think Bob was exceptionally lucky to have been rescued by James.  These two are 'Soul Brothers'.  Their relationship is mutually dependent.  Animal lovers will understand the depths of a relationship that there is to be had with sentient beings of a different species to ourselves.  It takes, love, trust and patience from both parties.  
             I learned a lot about life on the 'Streets' from reading this book and it gave me new insight.  I am the sort of person that has visited the sights of London and the lasting impression I was left with was the 'Cardboard Cities' in the depths of December.  I have seen 'homelessness' and 'beggars' in every city I have visited.  I am also aware there is a 'homeless' issue in my home town.  I cannot 'save the world' but what this book can do is give us a greater understanding about the 'souls' behind the images.  Bob did not 'save' or 'rescue' James in my opinion.  James rescued and saved himself, he certainly saved and rescued Bob.  Bob provided him with the unconditional love that became the catalyst for 'self healing'.  
             You do meet some people who are just 'special' and you do meet some animals who are just 'special'.  This pair are certainly 'very special'.  This is a lovely read and I could not recommend it highly enough.  I bought two copies to give as Christmas gifts, now I will have to explain to one of the recipients why theirs has already been read!  

XXX  Lucy 'Inthesky'

Steph's 50 Book Challenge update.

Technically not really an update as I have not got another book to add to my list yet, but thought I should get the ball rolling ^_^

Here's is my 50 Book Challenge list so far.

1.Dodger by Terry Pratchett.
2. Wings by Aprilynne Pike
3.Paulo Coelho Confessions of a Pilgrim by Juan Arias.

I am nearing the end of another book, Untamed by P.C and Kristin Cast, am a few chapters into one about Merlin (which I need to get a move on with as it has to go back to the library soon!), quarter of the way through Wilkin's Tooth, and have started A Christmas Carol ( my festive read each year) ! Because why read one book when you can read four right!! lol.

If anyone has stumbled upon this blog and would like to join in the challenge, then please do. ^_^